Saturday, 25 January 2014

EPIC Success

Hi Everyone,
Epic Pale Ale Clone this time around. see info here on the website.
there is a couple of reasons to make this particular beer, and I'll go into some detail in a minute. I've funnily enough just dry-hopped this beer, and it has the epic taste, that lovely US Cascade flavour and aroma.
Dry hop 2 will go in in another few days,m and it will be cold crashed as the second dry hop is done cold to add additional layers of hops.

Right so the first reason to make this beer, is for a friends wedding. They asked me to make something, so being one of the most famous NZ craft beers, and the most accessible (plus theres a CYBI recipe here.)

The second reason, is actually because I've had some attenuation issues recently, with my Scottish ale, and to be honest the Plan B Clone, finished 3-4 points too high.  the idea was to check that with a good solid US-05 yeast i can get good attenuation and the beer will be where it should be. I've ben able to check that the Mash temps are correct, mash time, etc. I wish I'd had a ph meter to check it that'd confirm the acid malt I used is enough to bring the ph into an acceptable range.
its at 1.013 now. which is inbetween where it should be and where I know 1-2 people have been with their versions.

Onto the last beer, its bottled and its looking mighty good, once carbed I'll be sending a bottle to Manawa Brew and maybe a friend or two.
Next brew, I'm not sure about its definitely a re-brew of something..
Post to come, I'll probbly decide like a day before.