Sunday, 28 May 2017

**UPDATE**Farmhouse Imperial Stout

Quick update on this one.........

I entered this into a Homebrew Competition, just for some more feedback. then a funny thing happened.......................................

It WON overall Champion Beer, scoring a staggering 45/50, I'm just blown away by this, and because of that, I get a 200 Litre batch of this brewed commercially (hahahahaha, that poor commercial brewer trying to replicate a beer that essentially take 3-4 month to brew...PLUS the additional ageing time.) but I shouldn't laugh, not really.....

Part ofthe reason I'm writing an update, is because Mike Tonsmiere of the Mad Fermentationist recently visited NZ forthe Homebrew conference in Nelson ( I wasn't able to go, because of my knee) He recently tried the beer after he got back to the US, and had this to say (This is straight from his e mail)

"Really enjoyed how it turned out, avoided the biggest issue I have with Belgian stouts being too dry to support heavy roasted flavors despite the low FG (likely thanks to the cold steeped and dehusked dark malts). Brett was pretty subtle. Maybe some dark (Special B-type) crystal malt to up the dark fruit flavor? Otherwise delicious as is!"

I feel quite chuffed that he enjoyed it, as a guy who brews alot of funky interesting beers, with different flavour combinations, its good to see he enjoyed it.

But now thats over, I thought I'd post an update based on my own tastes..... Its been around for a good solid year now, and is really coming into its own. I'll be sure to put more updates on this beer as it progresses along. (A celebratory beer for the birth of my first baby)


Farmhouse Imperial Stout
Nothing like a beer like this, when you doing study...

1.081 - 1.010
Brew Date: 03 February 2016
Tasting Date:  27 May 2017

     Appearance: Jet Black and Mocha head, that is really starting to stick around. carbonation on point.

     Aroma: Subtle Brett, and some phenolics from the farmhouse yeast. dark malts chcoloate, dusty cocoa and so on. Not heavily roasty due to mostly cold steeped dark malts (included the Baking soda additions to help smooth the cold steeped area out.

     Flavour: Much the same, carbonation is perfect, I love the marriage of dusty cocoa and subtle brett. not over powering. 

     Mouthfeel: Despite the low FG, it still tastes nice and thick, nice coating on the mouth,

     Overall: I see where Mike is coming from with the Special B addition. A Little bit of dark fruit flavour could just enhance this enough. Definitely one to savour in the colder months coming (Plus a good celebratory beer for when the little one arrives). I do find it difficult to drink more than one, mostly because of the interesting flavour combinations, so hopefully that little Special B addition will do wonders.