Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Hi Everyone,
So this time around I re-brewed my Belgian IPA. BAD WOLF BELGIAN IPA
The difference this time around.... All Grain.
Some other minor change as you will see to the recipe as well. but as it turned out well last time, I figured with my WLP530 I could get away with re-brewing it.

So the task was simple. Or so I thought. On waitangi Day, I got up to brew this lovely beer.
I had efficiency issues on the brew, which was a shame, and Hit an OG of a mere 1.057 rather than the 1.062 predicted. this is a water volume issue, along with 1 or two other minor tweaks that need to happen, i belive I lost another point from incorrect grain values for points. mainly the melanoidin. As you'll see brewtoad suggests 1.061, rather than the 1.062 on beersmith. so theres 1 point (well, I'm taking it even if its not true.) second was water volumes. i ended up with too much volume, and an extra 1 litre of wort. so i'll cut back next time.

So 1 week is today (Thursday) and the beer is 1.014 gravity, and a small krausen still present in the beer. the beer will be bottled a week on sunday, and dry-hopped sunday evening/monday morning. I'm probably expecting finish around 1.012/3 FG.
This beer will go into the GKBF Homebrew Comp Here.

Now onto the next great Brewery item, my next brew day... a Black IPA for the Single Hops Case Swap/Mini Comp locally. Decided tobrew up a black IPa, because I haven't really ventured properly into that yet. and figured I'd get a feel for it. see how it goes. Could be a winner, Recipe will be posted up soon.

and finally, my other slurry from the recent Bakcup Plan has a purpose... It will be used to a Belgian Red Ale, which will be then Soured with WLP650. I'm quite excited about doing my first beer, with any form of bugs. The aim is just an experiment, as I wanted something that will sit for a long time, and develop different flavours. so Finney had some 4 month old vials of this, and snapped it up while I could.
Expecting 6-12 months of Bulk aging in glass.
fingers crossed.
That all for now, I'll kep you posted on the Black IPA and ongoing sour beer updates.
Brew On. Rob...