Wednesday, 1 October 2014

SJPORR & re-Brewing NHC Beers.

Well, the SJPORR challenge NZ Leg is over, and we have the rating for every beer entered.
  1. 38.06 - DA044NZ, Dan Filihiahekava
  2. 37.08 - NA038NZ, Nathan Mckenzie
  3. 36.76 - GR032NZ, Grant R Baker
  4. 36.00 - PA100NZ, Paul Finney
  5. 35.31 - PA911NZ, Paul Wicksteed
  6. 34.97 - SA198NZ, Sam Ryan
  7. 34.86 - ST083NZ, Steven Bellward
  8. 34.64 - AD093NZ, Adrian Woodhouse
  9. 34.55 - SC167NZ, Scott Bennison
  10. 34.31 - RO028NZ, Robert Hough
  11. 34.00 - KE057NZ, Kerry Gray
  12. 33.94 - DA097NZ, Damon Taylor
  13. 33.88 - OL159NZ, Oliver Drake
  14. 33.83 - EU199NZ, Eugene Black
  15. 33.73 - DA189NZ, Darryn Oakly
  16. 33.72 - IA110NZ, Ian Watson
  17. 33.42 - VE158NZ, Veronica Hale
  18. 32.92 - MI190NZ, Mike Allan
  19. 32.25 - ZI163NZ, Zimba Mckenna
  20. 31.47 - AL041NZ, Allan Sheblom
  21. 31.11 - ZA031NZ, Zane Lawrence Maxwell
  22. 31.07 - JO142NZ, Jonathan Saunders & Shayne Forrest
  23. 30.75 - CA187NZ, Cam Ellis
  24. 30.36 - TY056NZ, Tyron Johnson
  25. 29.59 - MA040NZ, Matt Downer
  26. 29.22 - BR096NZ, Brayden Rawlinson
  27. 28.82 - BR176NZ, Brent Sarten
  28. 28.11 - JA208NZ, Jason Franssen
  29. 27.81 - KA107NZ, Karl Hayes
  30. 27.31 - MA197NZ, Matthew Mckay
  31. 27.01 - DE084NZ, Dean Coleborn
  32. 25.72 - PA126NZ, Paul Low
  33. 25.28 - SP191NZ, Springer Browne

    Congratulations to the top 3, Nathan, Grant, and Dan. all worthy winners.
    As you'll see a respectable 10th Place for me, I'm pretty happy with that. heres a picture (albeit blurry).
    Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
    so as you know the recipe was a robust Porter, with Bourbon soaked Oak chip, I could onlky get light toast chips. but the amount of comments on the oak flavour was quite surprising. I believed this to be the bourbon flavour (from the original oaky bourbon flavour). But anyways, i like it, and the mrs. likes it also.

    Some Stats from the challenge.
    Average Score: 34.31
    top score: 43
    Lowest Score: 20
    Best Comment: "A well balanced beer with the bourbon flavour taking  second place to the beer which is how it should be, leaves a nice bitter aftertaste"
    Worst comment: "Very Thin..."
    My Personal Favourite: "Not a robust Porter" (I like this comment solely because it actually doesn't make sense)

    So a short Review by myself:
    Aroma: Slight chocolate malt, and Plenty of Bourbon, not hot smelling, just a nice honey bourbon Aroma.
    Appearance: Nice Dark colour, and  leavesa nice lacing. clarity is as good as can be.
    Flavour: nice oaky bourbon, coupled with Nice slight roast flavour, plenty of chocolate malt. Carbonation is good. to me theres a slight sweetness there, which lingers.
    Mouthfeel: Good to me, slight thin-ness, but nothing major.
    Overall: Lovethis beer, plenty of Oak, Bourbon, and roasty chocolate. good carbonation, no faults from what I can taste. clean fermentation.

    NOW, onto my top 3 Beers
    3rd: GR032NZ - Baltic Porter - Grant Baker, lovely Baltic porter Good Carbonation, and plenty of malty Flavour.

    2nd: this was a tie, between two beers for me. A Belgian Tripel DA097NZ, and an oaked Imperial IPA SC167NZ.The reason forthe tie, is mainly because two different beers, gave me two different perceptions. both were well made, and flavourful. the IIPA with oak reacted well with the hops. the hops were well over the top as expected, and the oak seemed to compliment it. Where as the Belgian Tripel, just epitomised what the style is, Big, sweet, and Crisp all at the same time, just very well made.

    1st: this beer won for me By a Long Long way, DA044NZ, hidden Agenda Imperial Stout. this beer, was Big bold roasty, Chocolatey, Smooth, There was little to no alcohol flavour and Aroma. Well made well fermented, clean and just lovely.

    so while i didn't make the finals, i learned alot and If it happens again, I'm really keen to take part.
    Also as per my Previous post, a big thanks to the organisers of the event, and long may it continue.

    On a side note, I'll post a review of my Brown Ale very soon, and I just pulled myself a pint of the New Sons of Liberty Porter, at 10 days in the keg, its very nice, although too sweet given the 1.020 finish, i get a feeling it won't be the winner I've been hoping for.

    this weekend also marks teh brew-date for my first ever Pilsner. this will be for my 30th birthday party coming up. I'll be kegging my blonde ale as well, I brewed empire of gold again, but hopped it up. so I'll post a review up soon.

    Primary1(Plastic): Empire of Gold: El-Dorado Session Pale Ale
    Primary2(Plastic): {Nothing}
    Primary3(Bretts/Sours): Original Sin 100% Brett Saison (WLP644)
    Secondary1(Wide Mouth Glass): Guts & Glory Flanders Red
    Barrel: Hail Caesar Oud Bruin Ale
    Bottled: 100% Brett Wild West IPA / Shadow Liberation(SJPORR) Porter /Black Sheep Yorkshire Brown
    Keg1: Sons of Liberty Porter
    Keg2: {Nothing}
    Keg3: {Nothing}
    Next Beer to Brew: Plainsmen NZ Pilsner

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