Monday, 20 April 2015

Fresh New Zealand Hops

Yes, Thats right Fresh hops, as in pulled off the vine, nice and sticky to touch, smells like freedom Green, fresh hops.

Brewed up a storm awhiel back, brewing a brown ale with fresh Nelson Sauvion hops, for a gcompetition in Wellington. I did it in collaboration with Finney this time, kegged and conditioned.

I'll giveyou the run down of the recipe and the subsequent notes from the competition.

4.8kg Pale Malt (Gladfields)
0.45kg Wheat (Gladfields)
0.3kg Medium Crystal (Gladfields)
0.26kg Pale Chocolate (Gladfields)
0.2kg Redback (Gladfields)

15g Pacific Jade (Pellets) @ 60
100g Southern Cross @ 20 (Freshly picked by Finney)
250g Nelson Sauvin @ 10 (Fresh Hops from
500g Nelson Sauvin @ 0 (Fresh Hops from

Yeast: US-05

Brewed on the Grainfather, and boy, what a great system that is. easy to use, fast and efficient. The efficiency sucked, as We sparged too much with 75 degree water, by about 2-3 litres. So ended up at 1.054 instead of 1.060, which may have made a difference. but never mind.
Furthermore due to the over sparge, we ended up at 1.010, I assume this is because of the much thinner final runnings and less sugar to get rid of.

Onto the notes, sorry no pictures again. This is the feedback from the judges in Wellington, all of which were Professional Brewers in some capacity.

19.5 out of 40. The notes I have are - "Interesting herbal character, coffee and minty / menthol, astringent but goodish flavour, needs more hops."

Primary1(Plastic): Fallen Soldier Oatmeal Stout
Primary2(Plastic): {Nothing}
Primary3(Bretts/Sours): {Nothing}
10 Litre PET Carboy #1: {Nothing}
Sour#1(Wide Mouth Glass): Guts & Glory Flanders Red
Sour#2 (PET Carboy): Gracy and Glory Sour Blonde
Barrel: Hail Caesar Oud Bruin Ale
Bottled: Chch Homebrew Club Barleywine / Braggot Ale / Secret Crusade American Stout / Night Crawler Imperial Stout
Keg1: Fresh Hop Nelson Brown
Keg2: Bad Wolf Belgian IPA III (550)
Keg3: Silent Guardian Red IPA (Panhead Vindicator Variation)
Next Beer to Brew: Original Sin II

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