Monday, 17 December 2012

Partial Mash Saison - NZ Styles

So, Last night....
I had some fun with this one, as it was a 30 degree day, no trouble getting up to temperature.

Waving the White Flag Saison:
2.5kg Light DME
the Special Malts below I put into a grain bag, heated 11 litres to 69 deg c, and threw them in crushed from , who have always done a pretty good crush for me., these are then left for 25 mins at 69.

0.5kg Wheat Malt
0.5kg Rye Malt
0.5kg Caramalt (Crystal 10L)
0.25kg Vienna Malt
After 25 Mins these are removed and Squeezed, and 5 litres of 80 degree water poured over them, to help removed remaining sugars from the malts.
Then  bring to a Boil for 60 Mins.
at the 60 Mins Mark add 10g Nelson Sauvin 11.1% AAU
then as follows: 10g nelson Sauvin @ 10min
15g Nelson Sauvin @ 5 Mins
15g Nelson Sauvin @ Flameout.
at the 20 mins mark i put in my Wort Chiller to sanitise it. Saves me wasting Sanitiser (It's not cheap)
Once its at 24-25 deg c, it can be transferred into the Fermenter, and the yeast Starter Pitched.
This morning it was bubbliung at 25, its good at this temp and will be ramped over a few days to aroun 28 degrees.
Once it has been finished, I'll take pictures from bottling and from first taste.

tonight is Bottling Night for my Orange and Coriander Pale Ale. Its in Cold Crash at the moment.

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