Thursday, 20 December 2012

So I bottled my All Grain Orange Pale ale Last night: Went nice and smoothly, although the little bottling wand got jammed a couple of times,with some "debris".
Picture is a sample before it sent into the bottle, this was cold crashed for 36 hours to try help get some stuff to drop and and create that clearer beer.
Used all US Cascade Hops with S-04 as the yeast.

I gotta say, it smells really good, a good dose of Orange, withthat Cascade nose backing it up.
FG was 1.014, so it should have a good malty backbone to it.
After a shaky ferments with temperatures (which is why I'm doing Saisons ATM). Taste test will follow in 2-3 weeks after conditioning.

See you in 2013, Merry christmas.
The Beer Crusader

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