Sunday, 6 January 2013


Happy New Year Everybody!

I'm back at work, and back into brewing for a very short period... EQC are doing some work on our house, so we have to move out for a month.

Anyways... I took my Orange Pale Ale camping over the new year, and it was good. I don't think alot would of changed had I left the ORange and coriander out of the recipe. its still cloudy, i think thats from the coriander and the hweat malt. but hey its beer looks good tastes good.

Taste Wise, theres a slight alcohol heat to it, from the high temperatures, and as S-04 doesn't handle that quiote as well as US-05, theres a good hoppy cascade bite to it, and plenty of cascade aroma. theres a background hint of citrus, which is the roange coming through and i cannot taste the coriander in the slightest!, seems almost a waste of money for the coriander?

Don't know if I'd re-brew the recipe as it is now, but I do like the malt bill. some other hops, maybe pacifica and some zythos, which give the orange citrus tinge, might be better suited?

Onto, the second tasting of a recent brew:
My Dark Graf, Which I've aptly named Imperial Apple Stout at 7.5%, its got a clear tang to it, and the mrs. is not a fan.  Vey much a sipping beer, good head, nice and dark, should be darker, but I'm ok with where it came out at. Is only a month or so old, and needs more aging, to smooth out the apple taste a bit, its almost that dry winetaste, but with a nice rounded body to it, could be rounder (That's cos I used a Kit stout instead of doing grains etc.) The CHCH Home brew Club will get a taste at the Fruit Beer Competition, and while I wouldn't consider this a fruit beer style wise, its got fruit in it so it counts.

Bottled my Saison Last night too! Will take some small 330ml bottle to the motel and try in a couple of weeks. was a bit murky, partially because I didn't fine it, or cold crash it at all. and I didn't dry hop it either, tasted good as is.

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