Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dark Saison

Experiment time......
A Dark Saison: I've named it the Racist Frenchman, cos it's black and it's using French Style Yeast. Previous Saisons 3711 collected, and dumped into a sanitised fermenter, I didn't clean or harvest it.

Recipe as follows:
Racist Frenchman:
12 Litres Water
3kg Light LME (Black Rock)
0.5kg Wheat DME
0.5kg Rye Malt- 25 mins
0.25kg Vienna-25mins
0.2kg Carapils-25mins
0.2kg Pale Chocolate-20mins
0.05 (50g) CarafaII-15 Mins
Steep grains for 25 mins @ 68.5 Degrees
Run 3 Litres of 80 degree water as a sparge. 60 Min Boil
bring to boil and add to hop bag, 14g Nelson Sauvin/10g Saaz @ 60
Add 45g Saaz @ 10mins
45g Saaz @ Flameout
and Cool down to ferment temperature. top up water was about 7 litres to get volume of 21 litres.
Got OG of 1.064 which is good, nice high efficiency on Partial mash :)
dumped the wort onto the 3711 yeast.
within 4 hours it was bubbling away nicely, nice and dark, will be around the same darkness as my graf. nice little experiment, It's under no temp control, so it'll be interesting to see what it doesn, as its warm in chch at the moment. I'm going to taste after 2 weeks to see how it is, if its not at my tastes, I'm going to dryhop it with Sauvin, to help bring some nice flavou into it. should be ok,
inspiration goes to the mad fermentationist on this, he added raisins, which i thought about, but a) didn't buy them and b) couldn't be bothered.
it'll be in primary for 2-3weeks and probably racked to secondary, even though, I'm not allowed in the house for a month. theres alot of crap in the bottom, so it'll need to be done.

Oh and my Last Saison, ended at 1.009 from 1.062, this ones 1.064 and I'm expecting it to finish about the same, probably 1.008

So I'll see you in a 2-3 weeks after my taste test, let you know how its going. and I'm going to draw up some plan while I'm at the motel to show you the ideas plans and experiments for 2013 and beyond.


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