Tuesday, 29 January 2013

White Flag French Saison-Nelson Sauvin

Well, its finally time to go back into our house,after a full re-paint etc. Which is great, because I get to sit on the deck with a pint in my hand again.
Anyways, I did a taste test of my fully carbed French Saison as above. (The Non-Dark One) I found plenty of Flavour from the yeast, 3711, not too much in the way of Nelsons Sauvin coming through, which is probably good becuae I've heard it tends to dominate, it reminds me very much of 8wired Sauvin Saison, and its dry, but with plenty of body at 1.008FG. I found no lacing in the head or retention, and I'm not entirely sure why. which kinda sucks, if i ever do it again, ill chuck from carapils in there for that, head is fluffy while its there though. a little undercarbedfor a saison i think. second thing is I racked my Brown Saison over to secondary, as there was so much trub, I couldnt get anything out of the bottom tap... currently at 1.008. Taste suggests a subdued yeast character, with a hop character, spicy from the saaz, which should make life interesting, almost pale ale ish with a yeasty hint. So given thats how it tasted, I went and dryhopped with 14g NS for a week. Pictures and so on to come, Its almost red in colour, which I'd say will darken up in the bottle... See you next week, and stay tuned.

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