Monday, 21 January 2013

Yeastie Boys Tasting

Well, last night was a good night. I went along to the Yeastie Boys Tastingat Pomeroys, it started at 7 and we left at just after 11pm. Stu and Sam, who run the company are good guys, theywere easy to talk to, and some good to great beers were had. Alot of the beer Drank last night couldn't be found it shops, which was a bit of a treat really. 11 Beers, most of them different, but some of which, as Yeastie Boys put it, was "spooning" with Liberty, namely the Yakima Raven, Motueka Raven and Neva Raven. Favourite beer of the night: Probably Pot Kettle Black, not a Black IPA, but a Hoppy Porter. Very Clean very hoppy, and had such a nice darkmalt grist to it. Very Smooth indeed. Most ineresting Beer: X Rex-100% Peated Smoked Malt. Most people last night weren't fans, they said it semlled and tasted like a hospital. Bandaids and quite medicinal. For me, as a man who enjoys a whiskey occasionally, I liked it, as it was designed to be essentially a "whiskey Beer" for me i got smoky malt aroma and it just remined of whiskey from an oak barrel, taste was similar to me. It's definitely a Sipper, not a beer to drink in large Quantites at 11% lol. Worst Beer: Gunnamatta Tea Leaf IPA, not my style of beer, no hops, just earl Grey Blue Flower tea leafs throughout the boil etc. nice aroma, and because I don't drink tea or coffee, it wasn't really for me, seems a popular beer, which I understand as its similar to an IPA as the tea Leaf offers a similar sort of profile. and to top it all off, I was wearing my New Crusaders Shirt. and I haven't had a hair cut for a couple of months, so I look a bit Zac guildford-ish. As I walked out, they stopped me with the words "We'd like to welcome our Special Guest Zac Guildford, the cursaders won't have you, but Pomeroys will." Sorry Zac. Oh quick update, Black Saison is more "brown" and last check it was sitting at 1.010 dead on, which is good, probably a bit sweet for a Saison, but I'm hoping it'll sit pretty close to that to keep some of that dark malt profile. the Crusade Continues...

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