Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Another Tasting Night...

Yet another night Spent at Pomeroys on Monday Night! This was a one I was looking forward to as well.

On the cards 9 Beers, and a Bonus Beer, which was still in the conditioning tanks.
Most ofthese were Hop Bombs, includingthe new one Sauvignon Bomb, an IPA Made exclusively with Nelson Sauvin Hops. Based off the Website, this was a simple Grain Bill of base plus Pale Crystal.
The few non Hop Bombs were Dark Stouts, and the Bonus Beer a california Steam Beer, made with one of the girls from Beer NZ.

Theres something else I'll say as well. He's a definite Fly by the seat of your pants kinda guy, if he wants to do something he'll do it, many collaborations etc. and confirmation there will be no Yeastie/Liberty Collab this year, a bit disappointing, but hey, they're all pretty busy doin their thing. Jo has a great sense of humour, and had plenty of stories about his mishaps and people he had met along the way, some beer was talked about as well.

Onto the beers:
Top Beer: had to be Citra!, at 9% and 99 IBU, it was always going to be the beer of the night. Overly Hoppedwith Citra, and funnily enough he actually revealed, its not a single hop brew, despite the misleading name. No Information was given on which hop it was... Something big and American no doubt.
Worst Beer: This is a hard one, as they were all actually very good, but if I had to choose, it'd be the Darkest Days Stout, it didn't quite hit the Creamy stout flavour for me, but still an awesome beer.
With only 9 beers on tap, it was a much shorter night at Pom's than normal, so pints were had.

All in all a good night, with some good beers, most of which I had tried already, including the Monster! Love that beer. I actually have a recipe of 2 for a couple of these beers, Scarlet and Monster, Not sure how accurate they are, but still worth a crack.

There will be no update for a couple of weeks from here, as I'm away on Holiday and there's not alot to talk about, but plenty going on behind the scenes.

Then it's onto Brewery Talk, Brew Rig building and NHC 2013, I'm still on the fence on what to make. I have a massive choice of recipes to choose from.

Oh and I'll be starting up a Brewtoad Page too! Posting my recipes for all who wish to try, as I believe in open source brewing, if people like drinking my beer, why shouldn't they be able to attempt to make it themselves...
Here is the Brewtoad Page: http://www.brewtoad.com/brewers/39840/recipes

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