Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dunedin and Emersons Brewery

Second weekend away, and the last one for awhile.
We went to dunedin, and watched the Crusaders vs Highlanders at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

afterthe game we were able to catch the Lions game, and got to try the new "Brewers Reserve" Oreti Red Red IPA. all I can say is Wow! Huge aroma, fat malty chewiness, without being cloying, with a high hop flavour, a tad light for a red ale, but I'll let them away with it.
Beer details:
OG 1.063
NZ Pale, Munich, CaraMunich, and Cara-Red
Hops were US Centennial, and a high Alpha NZ Hop (I'm not )
With a standard american Yeast I'm guessing 001.
Worth a try if you can get hold of it. But its Tap only.

If anone has any ideas on recipes, please let me know.

also had the good old Bookbinder, a good stalwart for the Ermersons guys, and I'd go as far to say it was their flagship beer these days. and at 3.7% It's a beer you can have more than one or two of. I've got a recipe designed to meet the need of the ABV and the general idea behind it. more to come on that soon. enough.

On a seaparate note, I'm still not brewing, but I hasve had another bottle or two of the Bad Wolf.  Great beer, now in its prime at 5-6 weeks bottled, bigger hop presence, but the presence wont last long, and smells distinctly of banana bread as well, clear when warm, so some chill haze, but im ok with the, Will re-make with Mosaic, as theres no Amarillo anywhere, mosaic seems a good hop. and readily available.
I'll also swap the yeast for 3522, and add a flameout addition. maybe remove the willamette dryhop.

Great beer, highly recommended recipe.

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