Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Beers...Some Tasting Notes and a Good Weekend All Around!

Hi everyone.
the weekend just been was a pretty good one, We spent most of the weekend drinking and tasting beers.....
I could have asked for worse  :)
Heres a list of beers I tried and tasted over the weekend: List from best to Worst
1. Behemoth - Celia Wade Brown Ale (Best of the weekend)
2. Green flash West coast IPA
3. Kakariki - Goldilocks Blonde ale
4. Green Flash - Hop Head Red
5. Epic - Comet

The Celia Wade Brown Ale had to be the pick of the weekend, for me. Here is a review of the beer
Appearance: Dark Brown, Nice and clear with a good off white head., lacing round the glass to the end.
Aroma: smells of  roasted malts and minor ash, with a good chocolatey hit.
Flavour: Dark and roasty, superb, poured at room temperature. off the hand pull. nice and sticky, qwuite creamy.
Overall: Superb beer, shame its not more common around Christchurch, would be interested to see how it tastes off the tap./bottle.

Worst; well not so much worst but most disappointing, Epic's New Comet. As a Hop Head I was bitterly disappointed...'so to speak' good aroma and flavour, but it tastes.... just. like,. the rest of them. Zythos and Mosaic I mean. I'm a bit over the whole Epic craft beer thing I guess, there are so many new breweries doing so many exciting things out there, and it just seems like another Pale Ale, and not alot of thoughts been put into it.

A Beer of note while a the twisted Hop, is the Kakariki Blonde Ale. Nice for entrants into the craft beer scene, I reckon it has some Honey malt in it, even though its not generally available in New Zealand. big honey taste, very sweet. no real hop aroma to speak of.

And speaking of Blonde Ale; I've got a Re-brew of one of the original recipes from my early days, transferred to all grain, from extract. and some little tweaks. Watch this space for the recipe on Brewtoad.
Wish me luck.

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