Tuesday, 10 September 2013

This is my Empire..... of Gold

Hi Everyone, another beer brewed, another fermentation under way... Despite a couple of small issues.

Firstly, the Beer:  this beer dates back to one of my first  Extract batches, which had not real fermentation control, and as such the temperature got a taqd warm, causing some flavour issues to start with. The resulting beer at 4-6months, was actually rather tasty. A nice malty blonde ale, no real hop kick to speak of. i was initially disappointed with the beer, but in retrospect, it turned out to be a good beer. a nice entry into craft beer.
Here is the original recipe from the first time I did it: Ska Tru Blonde Ale
followed closely by the new updated recipe, Empire of Gold
As you can see theres a couple of changes to the recipe, mainly to keep it within style and a nice light summery type beer.

The only real issue to speak of was the yeast starter, I used WYeast 2565, Kolsch (another change to the recipe) The pack I had was actually considerably older than I had anticipated, meanin a slightly longer lag time on the beer beginning fermentation. I'm hoping it won't crap out early. But other than that it went relatively smooth, Hit gravity, and 1 litre under volume, which I'm ok with, Given I pitched the starter direct into the brew.

There aren't that many commercial examples out there, because everyone like big bold flavours. this will be a nice light, simple true to style beer. Beer number 2 into NHC2013.

Lastly  Beer#1 into NHC, my Sons of Liberty Porter, Finished a tad higher than I expected, but its tasting mighty fine, and Theres a good Hop aroma on it, taste wise dark roasty, and smooth. finished at what turned out to be 1.019, which is acceptable. 

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