Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lesson Learnt...

Well, lesson Learnt, I've tasted the beers, and they are correct there are some considerable faults in each one. (except for the Porter, I still dont getit...)
So its time to take a fresh approach. I've gotten some advice off of, in regarding to hop intensity, vibrancy, and the like. so its time to put some of this into practice... I was originally going to brew the Russian River 2RowHill56 clone, however after reading the feedback I decided I needed to change up a couple of things.
Firstly, the Beer i was going to Brew. It's time to come up with something that works, and tastes like a winner, so I made a winner... apparently. I saw this thread, and the beer does actually look pretty tasty, and at a more sessionable 5-5.5% I figured why not, as I had some hops that needed using.
here's the thread: SOBA NHC 2013 Recipes.
I used Kelly's Smell the roses, which I've put onto brew toad; Here. scaled down to a 21 litre batch, (this is what I aim for into the fermenter)

So time will tell If my processes are correct, and how well I'm actually doing.
I'll also be using a different Fermentaion process... I'll be 2 weeks primary, then a week in secondary, for dry hopping.
Brew date was last Saturday.

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