Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Alot to Learn!

Well the weekends results didn't go anywhere near to plan. My biggest hope gained the lowest score.
A real shame, as the beers actually taste quite good.... to me.
All Beers were tried and tasted that njight to see if I could pick up what the judges were saying.
I'm not sure how to attach the pdf files... so i'll tell the notes by writing them for you.

First marks back:EMPIRE OF GOLD - Blonde Ale
Aroma: Cidery, Tart
Appearance: Slightly Hazy
Flavour: Cidery, Tart, Some Oxidation
Mouthfeel: Pleasant Hint of CreaminessTart.
Overall: Lacks Malt Structure, Overly Thin, Tart
Whe I retasted the beer,s I could pick up a tart ciderynote in the beer, not unpleasant, but definitely shouldnt be there.
Second Back was worse, I knew there was an issue with the beer, but given my green palate, I couldn't pick it out.
Bathed in Blood American Red Ale:
Aroma: Sweaty Hops Smell, Lacks Malt Smell.
Appearance: Dark gold Too Light
Flavour:Thin, Dry Astringent, Lacking Malt dimension and Hop Character
Mouthfeel: Good Carbonation, Lacks body.
Overall: Lacking Malt & US Hops Character
There was also a tick box for Vegetal character, but seems slight
I knew there was an issue, I just struggles to pick out the flavours individually, now I pick things up.
The beer was a bit thin, M/Otter will fix that up. I disagree with the colour/appearance, it dead middle of style, and definitely too dark for an APA. Its lacking some real malty flavour. I knew the hop character was out of whack, it didn't quite seem right, not enough punch.
Thired was my highest ranked, freshest beer and most undercarbed...
Knights of Freedom Pale Ale
Aroma: Sweet fruit Lacking Hop Intensity
Appearance: Hazy, Poor Head retention
Flavour: Lacks Vibrancy
Mouthfeel:Body ok Lacking Carbonation
Overall:lacking lively flavours
I agree with most of this, its still young and will improve. I've since spoken to memebers of realbeer, and they have given some hints tips etc. for good vibrancy and intensity for hops.
Last Beer, and unfortunately, my favourtie, and lowest least its double digits.?
Sons of Liberty Porter
Aroma: Initial Nice Hop Character, then Phenolic character appears.
Appearance: Good
Flavour: Phenolic Character Distracts from nice hops flavour, lacking malt complexity
Mouthfeel: thin
Overall: Review Sanitation, and recipe for malt character.
I'll be honest I disagree with a few comments regardingthis, its a great beer, sure its probably a bit thin tasting, despite finishing at 1.020. Making it dangerously easy to drink. The Phenols I disagree with, I'm pretty sure they're picking up a slight smokey taste, which I believe will be the Black malt adding a little extra in there, some malt complexity you might say.?? I do pick up the flavour they are talking about. they seemed to think there was a sanitation issue, could be a bad bottle maybe??
The other interesting thing is how do you make a Porter more complex without getting overly complicated with extra malts?
I'm putting this down to a bad botle, and it will be re-brewed in autumn, to give me something warming to drink in winter.

well thats it, I hope this doesn't put you off my blog, and so on. I will talk further about the hop vibrancy thing to give people advice (which I have received myself) and comment on it, I'll be listening to those comments and testing them out, and I'll report back.  Until then, catch ya!

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