Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Nation is Watching....Twitter This is the Twitter feed for the NHC Home-brew Competition for 2013, apparently they have just over 350 entries, with a Mac's bottle removing an entry or two. Oops. Glad it wasn't mine, but gotta feel for the guy.

So here are my entries, brewed specifically for the competition:
Robust Porter - 12 B
Sons of Liberty American Style Porter. Full Malty Porter, generously hopped with Amarillo Hops. All thrown in during the boil. Recipe is based loosely on the Robust Porter from Brewing Classic Styles. 5.5%ABV
American Amber - 10 B
Bathed in Blood American Red Ale. Big Caramel Malt flavours, generously hopped with Amarillo Centennial, and Simcoe. Recipe is loosely based off the Heretic Brewing Evil Twin Recipe.
American Pale Ale - 10 A
Knights of Freedom American Pale Ale. Hoppy Goodness. Citra, Centennial and Amarillo, Hopbursted and Dryhopped, with minimal Caramel Malts in the mash. 40-ish IBU from 20min and later additions only. Citra Dryhop. Based on the Electric Pale Ale, by
Blonde Ale - 6 B
Empire of Gold Blonde Ale. Loosely based off an old Extract recipe, I did in the early days. I subbed out the standard Ale Yeast, and Brought in Kolsch Yeast, for a crisper flavour, Low Bitterness, Refreshing, light and very very pale. Malty Aroma, with Minimal Hop Aroma. Clear to Brilliant.

Good luck to everyone who has entered, and hopefully, a good standard of beer has been produced again this year. I'm aiming for a medal too. at least one would be nice.

Champion Brewer receives a beer scholarship and 3 commercial releases, the first is paid for by BeerNZ.
Champion beer is brewed at Hallertau in Auckland, on their new fancy brewing system, with the assistance of Jo Wood from Liberty Brewing.
Champion ale, and Champion Lagers, will receive cash prizes etc.
There will no doubt be other prizes for best in class, best in style etc. etc.  The list goes on.
I will post my scores and notes up once all judging is completed, probably sometime next week.

On a separate note my big brew day beers are all but complete, dryhop is done, they are now cold conditioning, for bottling on Sunday.
Silence in the Library, has finished withthe following numbers: 1.045 - 1.012: 4.4%ABV
Three Eyed Raven, has finished up slightly higher, giving me : 1.042 - 1.014: 3.7% ABV( Exactly what I was aiming for)

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