Monday, 7 October 2013

Smells like Freedom.....Kinda.

Onto my last brew before the NHC2013.
An American Pale Ale, based off the Electric Pale Ale, at
This is the last of my Amarillo hops, which is a shame, Its a shame about the lack of availability of this hop.

anyways, ont othe recipe, It's listed here: Knights of Freedom Pale Ale. A Hopbursted Pale Ale, with all the hops going in from 20mins onwards. Wiuth a good Citra Dryhop... i didn't have enough Citra hops, and had exactly 16g of Amarillo, which makes it a 40g single dryhop.

Secondly, I have bottled both my Empire of gold Blonde Ale, after a 10day Lagering period. Then I also bottled BATHED IN BLOOD Red ale. And boy is it tasty, It's gonna be a good beer, and when tasted in a few weeks, I'll get a good idea of whether its gonna be something that may actually get a medal...

And of course Lastly, I poured a bottle of The sons of Librty Porter. nise tasty brew, probably needs another week or so. Its maybe a tad sweet, which is due to the uinder attenuation at 1.019/20. but still very tasty, and waaaaay to easy to drink.

I'm running a small beer tasting for my friends on the Night of NHC, so will post full tasting notes of each individual beer at that time.
Oh and By the way, I'm listing the tasting beers on Untappd, so in future, should anyone receive a bottle from me. Please rate it on untappd.
Catch you next time, when i embark on my first double brewday, to make a two NZ Session Bitters.

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