Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Brown ale's and keg Issues

righty-ho so I brewed up a storm on Saturday over the long weekend. oli's Brown ale, Re-dubbed Idles hands.
Which utilises the remainder of my Nelson Sauvin and Citra hops.I can now finally move on from having a bunch of hops, which are really only any good for pale ales IPA's etc. It's time to branch out, to other types of beer. which is a step in the right direction for me. Especially after the GKBF, and the beer of the day being a nice easy drinking Mild... While my tastes for a good Pale ale is still there, I'd like to be malt focused for awhile, and plus I'll actually save a bit of cash instead of having alot of expensive hoppy beers around the place.
right so I kegged up my first beer, the aveage Warrior, and yes it has been savage.... on my patience. i found a total of 4 leak in my keg system, all are now corrected. I had to replace a regulator in the process, which put me out of pocket again, a dodgy disconnect, which kenny beverages replaced and the manifold i bought which had 2 leaks, both I was able to fix up.
Then I had more issues, with force carbonation, an i chopped my line length up, seems to be too short, so i need to replace that now. I'll be getting a helping hand to correct it hopefully.

In some other news, Anothe collab with 7 brewers here in Christchurch is taking place in a couple of weeks, we are brewing a red ale, with NZ Hops and some going with predominately Gladfield Malt, what we will be doing from there is putting it in a red wine barrel, which hamish has sourced. it will sit for awhile in the barrel. this will wet the barrel for our long term sour barrel project. 220litres of red beer.... should be fun and interesting, then comes the main event, my SJPorr Beer......

I will now reveal the ballpark style:............
Robust Porter, with a twist/difference.

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  1. Sucks on the keg front dude, glad its sorted!!!
    Robust Porter aye. I was thinking about entering, might still yet....Imperial Porter.....still haven't made up my mind yet.