Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Funky Barrel

Check out the video posted by Finney's homebrew, which is from our weekend brewing.
The Plan: Brew a total of 225litres of Red IPA, to fill a red wine Oak Barrel. The recipe is Here: Well my portion of it anyways. Wehad a great time doing it, plenty of beer and laughs. Theres a total of 7 people in the barrel, and once fermented it will be transferred to the barrel and aged .then bottled/kegged. from there, a sour red will go straight into the beer and be left alone for a long period of time.

Second part of my update is the Savage keg has been finished. bloody balancing took most of the beer with it, as I'm still having pouring problems. using standard taps seems to be a real balancing act, which i haven't got right, and along with the leaks (I found another one in my second keg...)a total of 7 leaks getting my system up and running. I have also just kegged the brown ale as well, so hopefully this one will go better.

Next brew is next week, which will by my SJPORR Beer.... I will update later in the week with an actual recipe. on brewtoad, because as I said, I firmly believe in open source brewing, and if someone thinks it is worth making... please let me know if you do brew anything of mine, and let me know results on here!

Lastly, I found I was having some attenuation issues... even with US-05, now this is probably partly my issue. I am working on fixing the issues, I have bought an wort aerator pump with a stone included, whichi will do to amend the poor aeration, then work on other items from there, such as mash temps and volume corrections.

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