Wednesday, 28 May 2014

2014 SJ PORR Challange + More

Its been a couple of weeks, and a couple of interesting changes as per previous posts and of course, a couple of brews down for fermentation.
The most notable is my SJPORR Challange beer.

For those of who who don't know what the challenge is, in basic terms it is a worldwide Homebrew competition, judged by your peers. Any Style any colour... Basically anything goes. I'm in the New Zealand contingent, which is a total of 40 brewers, so it is being split to 20 beers per brewer, all randomly selected, so a good range, and in theory a good judging range. If chosen in the top 3 in a country, another 17 beers are sent around the world and 17 received and judged, an a champion crowned.
Check out (registration now closed)

Onto the Beers,
The first is an English IPA, brewed in the vein of  Tuatara IPA. The recipe is here:
Mother of Dragons E-IPA. After much deliberation, I've decided on asmall Dryhop to ensure enough hop flavour and aroma is there.

The Second is My entry to the SJPORR Challenge. An imperial Porter, Aged in Secondary with Light toasted Oak Cubes and Jack Daniels Tennesse Honey bourbon. An imperialised version of my Sons of Liberty Porter.
Aptly Named Shadow Liberation.

My keg issues seems to be ok, with the Brown Ale pouring really nicely and boy its tasty, although possibly slightly sweet at 1.019 FG.

And of course last but not least, the Barrel aged Red Ale  "The Red Barron" has been moved into a barrel, and will most likely be aged for 6-8 weeks, prior to packaging. We have decided on the sour beer to be aged in it next. A Flanders Brown Ale.

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