Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival

hi everyone, I'm a little bit hung over today, after an epic day of beer drinking and generally talking beer. What a great day for it, the sun was shining, I had friends with me, we'd just had a big brekkie to help soak up some of the brews we were about to consume. so many beers, the likes of epic Brewing, Garage Project, Liberty and 8 Wired, plenty of beers I'd never heard of like Deep Creek brewing in auckland, small company, and well a little bit disappointing beer wise. I had a big range of stuff from, IIPA's to Double barrel Aged Porters and everything in between, theres one thing I didnt't do, which was international brews, I stuck to the home grown stuff. So Beer of the day for me, goes to 2 different companies, because they are completely different 1: Garage Project Day of the Dead Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter. this beer was epic, pours out black, andsmells like bourbon, good brown head, and very very rich, taste is a good smash of bourbon along with a good malt backbone, and just bitter enough to compliment the style. and 2: Because Jo Wood is amazing with the hops he chooses Liberty's Citra IPA, WOW i don't know what joseph does with those hops, but its clear and pours a pale orange colour, smells fruity....very very fruity. we described it yesterday as passionfruit in a glass, and it tasted that way too. I have citra in my freezer, and as such I'll be giving something a go soon. Most disappointing were Cassel & Sons IPa, which didn't fit the style quite right, and deep brewings NZ Pale Ale, which to be honest just tasted like yellow water... So I kind of feel sorry for them, because theres such an array of ingredients, and I just feel like they were either doing it on the cheap or they just threw it together. Lastly, I tried EPIC's new Mosaic IPA. which is a pretty good beer, I'm pretty sure they use the same recipe as the Zythos IPa, but with Mosaic Hops (obviously). Mosaic seems like a pretty damn good substitute for Amaillo, It's very similer, and after drinking Angry Peaches from Garage Project, Which is all amarillo hops, its very hard to pick a difference in hops flavour, there are subtle differences though. Well, I'm gonig to take a nap then go See Die Hard 5, because I'm hung... See you later.

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