Wednesday, 13 March 2013

IIPA Tasting

I finally got to taste my recent IIPA: Heres a photo to start with: Its ultimately a red ale, and its come out very malty, chances are that's from the Amber Liquid Malt Extract, its definitely hoppy, but almost needs more hops later in the boil, and dry hop, a beer I could do again, but not for awhile though. I think using Light LMe or actual malt might be a good plan, i mashed at 65-66 degrees, which has probably helped, but not enough to remove that huge malt backbone, it tastes more like an Imperial red ale. Anyways: It pours a pale red colour, with a good solid head to it, that laces the glass, and the head actually stay for the full 330ml bottle poured glass. Taste is good, very creamy, at 1.018, probably needs a bit more sugar to thin it out and dry it out. The hops are definitely present, but i find it needs more for the malt that there. its very hoppy you can feel your teeth fizzing, but you can't taste that fizzing, and the hops are almost a bit muddled, which is a shame, I think the plan if I do it again, is to change the amber lme to pale malt or light LME, which would probably brighten the hops up a bit. with the hops Columbus for bittering, with zythos, centennial cascade,in the boil, amarillo in the dry hop as well. I'd change it to, columbus for bittering, I'd remove the cascade, and stick with a two hop combo for it, not sure what two hops yet, but I'm sure when I do it I'll figure it out. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll give it a shot. I'll see what the guys at the brew meet think, when I give them a taste test on Friday. On a separate note, I want to do a series of single hop Beers after my surgery, to highlight the hops, So, I'm trying to pinpoint the Epic Zythos and Mosaic malt grist, I've actually e mailed epic for an idea of the hop schedule, that'll be a good starting point for hops. Anyways, next update will be my next brew. a Smoked Porter.

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