Monday, 18 March 2013

Smoke-Screen Porter

Morning Everyone, I've had issues getting on the site to update this thing, girlfriend is busy working etc. so just a quick one today. I brewed on the weekend an 11 litre batch of Smoked Porter, I've duely named Smoke-screen Porter. It had an OG of 1.060, and I'm hoping it'll finish around 1.015ish, it seems to have stopped bubbling after 3 days in the fermenter, hopefully this means its done, small concerns about being stuck. Anyways, it went nice and smooth, apart from a yeast change, I wanted to use my 1028 Wyeast, but it turns out its gone off, so I've had to chuck it, shame really, cos it would have been perfect for the beer, bring out the smoked malt. So I've used S-04 to get things running. This is infact and All Grain batch, using BIAB with a small Sparge step. I used for most of the ingredients, apart from the smoked malt, which is from brewshop. Recipe is as follows: 1kg maris otter 1kg weyermann smoked 0.5kg brown malt 0.2kg crystal medium (75L) 0.15 Torrified Wheat 0.15kg Pale Chocolate (30 mins) and 50 g of Black Patent (15 mins) Added the darker malts at the time specified, for the 60 min mash, to keep the roastiness down a bit. 8g Columbus at 60 12g Willamette at 30 11g Willamette @1 Whirlpool for 15 mins, then cool to pitching temp, poured through a Sieve to remove alot of the crap in the kettle, as i used a new bag, which turned ou to not be the best plan, as the holes seem to be much coarser, I've notice a good amount of Trub in the fermenter, should be fine. As easter is coming up, It'll sit for 2.5 weeks, and will be bottled mid week after the easter holiday. Still waiting for information on Shoudler Surgery, so I have no idea how much more brewing I'll be doing.

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