Monday, 18 March 2013


I meant to say, We did a Case Swap of Beers between a few of us at the Christchurch Brew Club. I offered my "CODE BROWN" Saison, and first reviews of it seem to be good, notes of a little astringency though. I will be entering this into the Twisted Hop Brew comp, coming up in a month, an extra month will add more smoothness to it. 1 Case Swap Beer drunk, Zane's Epic Clone, ridiculously close to the real thing, and Zane is a real top brewer, which helps, he won golds etc. in the NHC a couple of years back. Other Case Swap beers are a couple of Ordinary Bitters, a Schwarzbier, and Belgian Amber. Next Post: more information on the Smoked Porter, and plans for my next brew, if I get a chance.

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