Monday, 25 March 2013

8Wired & Stuck Fermentations

I'll start with the annoying news, the fermentation on my Smoked Porter is Stuck!. I'm real pissed about that, sitting at 1.028 no idea why, I've pitched US-05 into the brew to try and get it moving and sitting it at 24 degrees. So watch this space. the better news is I spent last night at Pomeroys again, for an 8Wired Tasting session. these nights are great and to be honest, they nearly reached the long record of time set by Yeastie Boys at the last tasting. I love 8Wired beers. Last night was no different, although Soren had some new and experimental brews on show, imperial IPA with smoked malt, sour beers and imperial ambers etc. the beers just got bigger and bigger. That's probably why I'm struggling a little bit today, lol. Beer of the night: FRESH Hopwired. This is Hopwired, with freshly picked Wet hops as a Flameout addition. they are literally picked that day, and he explained that 5 times as many wet hops are added than dry palletised hops, due to the water content in the flowers. Worst beer: Sour beer, I'm just not a fan of sour beers. Strongest Beer: 8wired's Bumaye Imperial Stout. 16%!!!!! Wow, so much flavour, lots of sugars, lots of alcohol. I don't really know what else to say! Soren is a very good brewer and knows Hops and what goes well together. I asked him about my smoked porter, which is similar in Grist to his big smoke, and he told me his first smoked porter stopped at 1.026, which is pretty much where I am, he said he got it finished at 1.020. All I want it to get it down, and get somewhere reasonable, 1.022 would even be acceptable. I had such high hopes, and Twisted hop were going to get a bottle, may not if it doesn't turn out. I'll be checking it tomorrow morning, give it enough time to do something. Next Tasting: apparently Garage project, they are doing a degustation menu at Pomeroys, around June sometime. Next Update: Sometime after Easter, to tell you how my porter turned out. Oh and surgery wise, I'm still waiting for ACC approval. sounds like its still at least a month away. Which means I might get another couple of brews in, fingers crossed, cos I'd like to get my Citra used, pretty soon for the Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone

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  1. Chur to the Bumaye. I think that was the last beer I had at Beervana last year. Was brilliant!

    Good luck with the ACC brother, can't wait to see how the Zombie Dust turns out!