Monday, 4 August 2014

Blogs of Note

I thought in my down time I'd chuck a small post as the time is coming for a couple of review of a couple of my beers, including recipes.

But before that I figured it was time I put up a few blogs I actually pay attention to.

The first one needs no introduction to Avid Homebrewers, The Mad-Fermentationist
This ones a goodies, its been up and running for sometime, and includes in depth recipe analysis of Sour beers Brett beers, and some test batches for a small brewery in San Diego... Modern Times.
If your into Sour beers etc. this is the place for plenty of information.

Second: Bear Flavoured Ales.
this is another Brett beer/sour beer Blog, but has plenty of information about different yeasts, bugs and brett etc. Plenty of hops too..

Third: Bertus Brewery This guy love his hops, he brews mostly IPA's, but scattered throughout are a few gem recipes for stouts, scottish ales and some others of note.
He also got married awhile back, and given I'm planning to brew the beer for my own Wedding, it's quite good for me.

and Lastly: The Perfect Pint A blog focussed more on traditional beer styles, English bitters etc.
Great information surrounding British yeasts, dry, liquid etc. He also has a few more interesting recipes scattered in here, IPA's/Pale Ales.

Onto my brewing adventures: brewed the Barrel Beer, and Oud Bruin. 1.064 and will be transferred with everyone else's in a week or two.
English Brown Ale, with WYEAST 1469
Best Bitter with WYEAST 1469 (Tasting notes and Recipe coming)
Brettanomyces IPA/Pale Ale with Oli. this was split with US-05 for a control/comparison. (Tasting Notes and recipe coming as well.)

Next Up: some NZ-NHC2014 brews, plus another 100% Brettanomyces Beer.
so as you can see, plenty on the go, plenty coming up. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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