Thursday, 18 April 2013


As Jeremy Clarkson would say..... POWER!!!!!!!
That's the operative word at my place, I'm finally getting mains power to the garage :)
Wish me luck, there will be a series of pictures as time progresses, the mains are being run tomorrow, and then as time goes, lights, plugs etc.
I'll be powering it up to get a fermentation fridge running, and later in life, as money and time permits a 3 vessel single tier brewery... get some more consistent brews, better efficiency, etc.

On a separate noite, my NZ IPA is almost ready to bottle, It's being cold crashed in the morning until the sunday when i get a chance to bottle, the same with the dark version, fingers crossed this turns out.
photos to come...
Oh and theres a brew planned in theory... I dont really have time, but the ingredients are there and if we finish the power earlyish, I'll crack on, with a PLAN B Clone.
this beer is from yeastie boys, and as such Stu the master brewer was kind enough to e mail through a recipe, which I have adjusted the smallest bit. with and extra 50g of pale malt, and 5 grams of carabelge.
this will make little to no difference. hops are weighed, and so on and so forth.

Exciting times for me.

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