Monday, 29 April 2013

Belgian IPA

Well, I changed my mind again.... So Many Recipes such little time.
I wanted to brew my Belgian Red Ale, but I wanted something Hoppy again, so I decided to combine the 2. and I've had this recipe on the "to do list" for quite sometime. And as I'll be going for surgery soon, and have plenty of hops etc. I thought , why not.
Now I don't have access to Honey Malt, which is a shame, as it sounds damn tasty. So I've subbed it with Some Melanoidin, and the left over Cara-Belge I have left (which isn't much).

The other sub I need to do is Simcoe, as I dont have any and can't be bothered buying 50 grams to only use half of that anyways. so I'm using Amarillo, which I have plenty of anyway. The recipe will be posted new Week, but its on anyways.

I'm mashing low at 65 deg C, and doing Partial Mash.

Separate note, I have an issue again with my Backup Plan, theres some white specs appearing, which mean I may have another infection developing, but it still tastes ok. So, I'll scoop this stuff off tonight, and Dryhop it with Nelson. and bottle over the weekend, I'm not overly fussed with this beer now, so I'll use 24 330ml bottles and the rest of the beer can be chucked. I'll be using Carb drops to bottle cos its super easy, and there little clean up to do as well.
I'm thinking its less of a cleanliness thing and more of a I'll rack and add some random yeast to try to get more out of it, its a 1.018, which gives me about 2.3-2.4% abv, might be good for all the pain pills I'll have after surgery. lol.

and Lastly, I'll be posting some photos of the Hard work I've been doing building a brewery... i.e putting power in etc.
I really hope my Belgian IPA comes out well, after the recent disasters I've had. fingers Crossed.
Yeast Cake (Provided it works will be used for the BigBelgian Beer I've been planning to condition while I can't lift things). Will be good to see if I can do it...

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