Monday, 6 May 2013

Belgian IPA

hi everyone, got this brewed up on the weekend, and ran short on volume, because of the high amount of hops, definitely got through some of my stock.

initial fermentation started after 6 hours or so, and went strongly until this morning, thats about 36 hours, now its stopped bubbling, as I've had some fermentation issues recently, I am quite paranoid and concerned about finishing too early, it went gangbusters, so I'm really hoping it's done something and will slowly continue to do so, I'm not touching it until 1 week and I'll then check it, if its ok I'll be dryhopping, If not, then I'm not sure I'm tempted to chuck 3711 at it, I'm pretty sure that'll  chew through it, but I don't want to eat all of it, if its within cooey I'm not touching it, and I'll just up the dryhop I guess.

this is my last brew before surgery, and if it doesn't finish, the break won't come too soon, with my Plan B Clone not finishing either, and a ninfection happening as it didnt finish then when I chucked more yeast at it, the yeast didn't take, it oxidised and from there an infection happened, I think some bugs got in, as I transferred it to another bucket. namely a larger one, which didn't help inthe slightest.

Fingers crossed for this one, I almost feel like I should have just chucked US-05 at it, get myself another IPA, but americanised.

surgery is happening on 21 May and it'll be around 3 weeks in a sling, before moving begins and rehab starts, then I think I'll be able to makje some small brews.

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