Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bad Wolf - Belgian IPA

Morning all, Just bottled this beer, it's my last one for awhile because of my shoulder.

Its inspired by New Belgium Belgo IPA, and smells amazing, the aroma is huge, probably the biggest one sofar.
I did some more water adjustments..... 12g of Calcium Sulphate.
OG was 1.062 FG is 1.015/6
good colour, getting relatively clear on this by now. 119g of Bottling sugar. batch primed.
Taste test in about 3 weeks or so, when I'm drinking again., although I'll get somethoughts from the mrs. its a beer I think she'll love.

I'e officially named it Bad wolf, from Doctor Who, the geeky ones will understand the reference.
Heres the recipe Thread i got my idea from.

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