Sunday, 26 May 2013

Back to it!

Well, after a mere week off work and 2 keyholes in my shoulder, I'm back at work tomorrow!
The weeks gone by so quick and given, they didn't find anywhere near as much as they said, its good news for me all round. I'm out of the sling and moving around.
Back to work tomorrow on light duties, still no beer though..... as there's still be bit of pain and aching coming from the area, understandable, but I definitely feel better than I thought I would after a week.

Once I get the all clear from the surgeon in a Week, It'll be home for a beer tasting... hopefully. that'll be 3 weeks no booze. and it's been easier than I thought it would be.. but I'm looking forward to trying this Bad Wolf Belgian IPA, its been teasing me all week sitting pon the shelf. lol.

Well see you next week, and Hopefully, I'll have a bottle of Manawa Brews WC IPA in my fridge ready to drink and enjoy. certainly sounds like a ripper of a beer already. I'll post tasting notes up here once I've had it too, give u an idea of what I think etc.

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