Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dark Red & Hoppy

I was sent this beer recently, and left it to condition for awhile, poured it out like this:
Heres the note i took, what a Nice beer, KiwiRevo is doing some Very interesting things with brewing, and I'm very impressed.
Definitely Dark red and hoppy:

appearance: Dark red/Brown colour Very much a colour I'd expect from an Imperial amber, although slightly hazy, I'm assuming this is the hops causing this. (there were quite a few)

aroma: huge aroma of american hops. I could smell this all day.

Flavour: low carbed. Not sure if this was supposed to be the case. big amber flavour, caramels are very in there with the flavour, lingering bitterness, and really smooth considering the high late hopping. I see what you mean with the late hopping giving that smoother bitterness.

Overall: If this was on handpump I could drink more than 1 although the alcohol content might be a bit high. very nice beer, advice for next time, would be more carbonation, to make those hops smack you in the face. and the other thing I'd do, although some peiople may in fact beg to differ would be that the alcohol content may be slightly too high, but very warming none the less.

Handpump this with a sparkler it'll be awesome. Pour it into a Drink bottle with a hose on the end with a sparkler attached for a makeshift hand pump.

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