Thursday, 9 May 2013

Current Gravity

Its fermented so vigorously in the first 36 hours, and no doubt a little more after bubbling stopped, its at 1.018, I'll be bottling the day before surgery. and then it'll sit for 3-4 weeks, as I'm actually having a dry 4 weeks, I want this shoulder sorted, so 4 weeks without a beer is necessary in my eyes. It'll be good as well to take a break from Brewing for 4 weeks. and I've managed to finish on a high, which is even better for me. I'm feeling a tad less paranoid.

the brew needs to clear and be dry-hopped as yet. So it'll be racked over after the weekend and dryhopped from there. :)
Dryhopping will be 20g Amarillo
15g Cascade NZ
and 15g Willamette
Taste test currently say to me this is going to be utterly awesome!! Exciting stuff.
So, this will be my last post until a taste test of the Belgian IPA. Happy brewing, and I'll see you in a few weeks.

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