Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Well I'm out of hospital. just an overnighter. Surgery was a success, in more ways than one. They didn't have to do as much work as they anticipated, no tears just smoothing of some tendons and removal of the inflamed tissue inside the shoulder. much better than being stuck in a sling. less work, means less pain. which means a faster recovery!! So I'm pretty happy about that.
I have 2 holes from keyhole surgery, I'm allowed to lightly move it and "pendulum" my shoulder.

All in all, I'll be back brewing pretty soon. I'll be doing a couple of collaboration brews with mr fraser and one with mr finney, probably a lager for one and the other I'm thinking Zombie Dust.

I'll be getting some hop stocks before they run out. Extra Amarillo some more citra as well. possibly also mosaic and simcoe not sure how much i need to work it out.

Got a swap planned with www.manawabrew.wordpress.com an IPA for Baylands Brewery West Coast IPA home-brew Competition. I'm sending up my two-face and my apple stout which is 6 months old now. So I'm looking forward to trying that


  1. Good to hear it wasn't anything to drastic mate. You'll be brewing again in no time! I'll be sending a bottle down your way possibly tomorrow, depends on how much it costs the wife to send Tupperware!!

  2. all good i'll be sending mine tomorrow afternoon. you sent it yet? this post was a few days ago?

  3. Nah dude, wont be until next week, post judging. If it doesn't win I'll share the recipe with you so you can have a crack at it :-)

  4. Sounds good man. Looking forward to it.
    Sent a couple of Bottles to you Yesterday, Hopefully they get there in 1 piece, if at all. Sent by Parcel Post.