Friday, 19 April 2013

What do you do on a rainy day??

Me? I brew....
i just mashed in on my Plan B Clone, I've appropriately named it Backup Plan, which is exactly what it is... a bakc up plan for not being able to put power in my garage, because of the rain, too wet to do it, so I've set my grage up to mash and boil, i measured everything in prepaation, in case of such an occasion...
here it is

Secondly this is the update on the electricity... nothing, we wired up my temp controller for the fridge, and I had everything ready to go, but good old new zealand really turned on the weather.

Rugby tonight, just me and the old man by the sounds. I'll be interested to see how this recipe comes out, I'm not sparging this beer, so efficiency may be an issue, but the est efficiency at 70% is 1.038, which is dead on, fingers crossed i hit it or at least get 1-2 point near., mashed at 70.5degrees for 60 -70 mins, tempted to mash longer maybe 15 mins then remove grains and mash out, then re-add and dunk the grains to remove additional sugar.

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