Thursday, 25 April 2013

Poor Yeast Viability

SO, it seems I have a poor yeast Viability issue, the 1214 I am using for my Backup Plan, is not running, it started bubbling about 6 hours after pitching, then 8 hours late that was it, so i left it and left it, hoping it was still doing something, it stopped at 1.020, yet another stuck fermentation on a small 12 litre batch!
I figured out that the viability may not be quite so good on the yeast and I guess that my own fault, as there wasn't a whole lotta activity, during the starter time.

So, I re-pitched a Dry Yeast packet of T-58, and it seems to be doing something, which confirms the yeast were a bit pooped, it'll be interesting to see what it tastes like at the end, I'm fermenting on the upper scale of this T-58 yeast.

Basically, its not going to taste anything like the commercial version of Plan B, but here's hoping it has a slight taste or something close-ish.

Next up, anotherchange of plans: I'll be making a belgian Red Ale, I've been working on a recipe for it, sessionable at around 5.5-5.7 % abv. With a new packet of 1214, I'm hoping this will work and I'll finally get my yeast cake for the KWAK Clone recipe I've got on the cards, Hopefully before Surgery. I'm still waiting for ACC anyways, So, I kinda figure I can get another brew or two in. In particular If I can get the KWAK clone down and maybe I'll get a helping hand from a local brewer to do some heavy lifting. once its racked over to another vessel.

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